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Responsible Contractors Frequently Asked Questions

Responsible Contractors Frequently Asked Questions

How do contractors get chosen for your site?

Contractors must go through an application process. They must be licensed and bonded and provide at least three verified references.

Do contractors pay to be listed with you?

Contractors pay a set up fee to cover the cost of checking their references and setting up their page on the site plus a small monthly maintenance fee. It's a win-win, consumers have more selection and privacy, and responsible contractors can afford to be found.

Do you save my information or put me on email list?

If you choose to contact a contractor through our site, you are connected directly with the contractor via their email. None of your information is saved when you use our site. You can subcribe to our monthly newsletter - just go to the Contact Us page

How do I choose the best contractor for my needs?

Check out the contractor's website, then contact them for an appointment. Some contractors may prefer large or small jobs, have a specific area of expertise, or varying time frames in which they can get your job done. Ask to see their portfolio and get everything from price to estimated completion time in writing.

Can I add a testimonial to ResponsibleContractors.com?

We are always happy to add the testimonials of satisfied customers to our site - just email us or use the contact us form.

What if I am unhappy with a contractor?

We do our best to provide you with as much information as possible and to verify licenses and references but the choice to contact or use a contractor is always up to you. We recommend interviewing and getting bids from multiple contractors. If you have a serious problem with a contractor, please let us know as listings are reviewed regularly.