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Responsible Contractors goal is to connect consumers with qualified contractors. Contractors listed on have applied for listing on this site. All contractors approved for listing are registered or licensed by the state, have an active license, bond and insurance with no unsatisfied complaints. Contractors have also provided a list of references of which a minimum of three have been verified by phone.

It is recommended that all license, bonds and insurance be verified as current before signing any contracts. Links to the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries website have been provided. It is all recommended that consumers read "What You Should Know About Hiring a Contractor, Remodeler, or Handyman" .

In using this site, it is understood that Responsible Contractors does not warrant, implied or otherwise, or guarantee the workmanship or materials of the contractors listed on Responsible Contractors or used by any person viewing the site. Due to strict laws governing Consumer Reporting Agencies, Responsible Contractors does not perform criminal background checks. Responsible Contractors assumes no liability for any actions of any contractor. If you have a concern as a private citizen, you can check the county, state and federal level. The Federal court system has online records.

Contractor represents and warrants that (1) all of the information provided to Responsible Contractors is current, truthful and not misleading or fraudulent, (2) the Contractor is, pursuant to any applicable federal or state law, regulation or licensing requirement, authorized to provide the services included in the Contractor's listing, (3) the Contractor's storage, use, dissemination and transmission of any Lead Information and its communications with the Leads will be consistent with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and (4) the Contractor will perform all services related to Leads in a professional manner and in accordance with any applicable law, rule, regulation, or licensing requirement. Contractor shall maintain current licenses, bonds and insurance to remain listed. A Lead is any contact with contractor as a result of information obtained on

Thank you for using our website. We hope it is useful in your finding a qualified contractor.