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The Pipe Guys

10417 11th Street E | Edgewood WA 98372 | 253-537-2830

Sewer & Drains, Drain Cleaning

Sewer & underground pipe inspection & repair, drain cleaning, trenchless solutions.

In Tacoma WA - also serving Federal Way, Puyallup, University Place & Seattle areas

Choosing a Sewer & Drain Contractor:

Will you just need your drain lines cleaned or do they need to be replaced? Where are the drain lines and sewer located? What is the potential damage to landscaping, walkways or structures? What permits will be required? All of these factors must be considered. Some situations will require special equipment, especially if you need a trenchless solution. Be sure to ask your sewer and drain contractor for references relating to similar projects and get a bid that is specific about what work will be done and what will be included. All contractors on this site are licensed and bonded, but should you use another contractor, be sure to verify their Washington State Contractor's License.

Quick Tip:It is usually best to have your contractor handle obtaining any permits, but you should be knowledgeable about what is required and verify they were obtained.

What Customers are Saying:

They did exactly what they said they would and finished on time. The crew was great - very respectful. We were extremely happy with the entire process. ~ Tacoma WA

The system works well now. I was very satisfied and would use again. Highly recommend. ~ University Place WA

Very knowlegeable, competent, and did an excellent job. They were personable and easy to work with. They also worked well with local municipalities. ~ Tacoma WA

They were honest, efficient and did a really good job. I would use again and refer to anyone. ~ University Place WA