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Choosing a Drain Cleaning Contractor:

There are several methods currently used for cleaning drains including chemical drain cleaners, snakes or mechanical routers, and high pressure water jets. Properly cleaning and maintaining the drains and sewer pipes is very important in making sure that you truly have clean, portable water and waste water disposal. Modern-day materials such as PVC pipes are less likely to break or corrode, and new homes can sometimes go several years before worrying about maintaining their sewers and drains. Older homes may have clay or iron pipes which can crack, break, erode and become clogged with grease and tree roots, as well as other hazards. Generally, high-pressure water jets used by trained professionals are the best way to clear clogged drain lines. They penetrate and emulsify grease, breaking up sludge and debris, pulverizing roots, cutting out hardened scale and flushing out the system, leaving lines clear. If lines are broken or block by roots, you may have to consider alternatives such as mechanical routers or new pipes or sewer lines. It's best to use draining cleaning contractors who own their machines and pressure cleaning tools. Get an estimate including what method will be used, and any potential additional costs. All contractors on this site are licensed and bonded, but should you use another contractor, be sure to verify their Washington State Contractor's License.

Quick Tip: Be careful when using chemical drain cleaners. Some acid-based products just melt the grease and re-solidify farther down the line. Bleach based products usually work better and are much safer. If you have septic system, make sure they are septic safe.

What Customers are Saying:

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~ Company with integrity that responds quickly and provides quality work at a fair price. ~ Federal Way WA

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They did exactly what they said they would and finished on time. The crew was great - very respectful. We were extremely happy with the entire process. ~ Tacoma WA

The system works well now. I was very satisfied and would use again. Highly recommend. ~ University Place WA